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STOP focusing on the “pretty Design” and Start focusing on the RESULTS!

Results = Cash Flow… So if you’re looking to have a website built for your business that does the selling for you and makes your phone ring then regardless of the web developer you choose you need to implement compelling points, trust factors, proof and a call to action… Fail to implement these important principles and you will end up with a website that may look pretty but doesn’t really work for you or deliver paying customers to your business.

You should know that there are two, and only two, types of websites… One is a pretty website with all the fancy bells and whistles but with no principles that deliver revenue to your business. The other type of website utilises direct response, multiple trust and conversion principles that generates phone calls and creates “CASH FLOW”. What I mean by this is that a good looking website that is not utilising trust, conversion principles and direct response that compels the viewer to want to pick up the phone and call you or buy from you is simply a waste of money. Do you agree?

A website should be nothing more than a tool that ultimately compel it’s visitors to take an action, however, if the website is built the way most business owners want them to be built they will be stuck with yet another pretty website that is not going to bring in nearly enough new clients. Most business owners and website developers have no clue how to market and differentiate themselves on a website because they are not marketers. The wise business owner will seek to invest in a marketing specialist who can create a website based on sound marketing principles that will instil trust and compel it’s visitors to take a desired action.As a company who works a lot around website development I’ve asked people when speaking at seminars and events t

his one question and I am often shocked at the replies I receive… The question is “Why do we as business owners want a website?” The most common two answers to this question are: “Because our competitors have one” or “Because everyone is online these days”… The number one reason we should want a website is to do the hard selling for us and to generate a consistent flow of new paying clients!!!… THERE SHOULD BE NO OTHER REASON! Hopefully, you agree.

So Why Invest With Us To Build Your Website
Especially If We May Not Be the Cheapest? 

Interesting question… Let’s see…

The things that we do so very different that separates us from our competitors are the following…

We don’t just start building a website that our client want’s, we believe this is a very bad move… Rather we dig deeper by asking questions from you about where your potential customer’s pain points are, what challenges you are solving for them, what does it look like for them when you solve their problem. Then we can start building an online presence that attracts your potential customers and compels them to want to reach out to you even if you are the most expensive in your field.

In doing this we are not building a website based on what you “think” you want, rather we build your website based on a proven system that your customers will get excited with then desire to do business with you, rather than your competitors.

If this is making sense and you feel like you would .like to have a chat with us then feel welcome to reach out to our office by calling
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However, if you prefer to learn a little more about the successful principles needed on a website that attract more clients and create higher profits then this next part might be for you… I’ve created a very special twelve page report that reveals some real life examples of these principles in action from some of our past clients. You can read over them and see detailed diagrams of the different principles we implemented including some before and after images.

You can download this report for free by CLICKING HERE.





All for now, Mark Anthony…

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