Utilising The Media Through The Press
To Bring You More Customers

While everyone else is trying to sell you on Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, SEO, radio, TV and whatever else you can think of we sit quietly in the background doing something very different for our clients. We utilise the media to bring you a more trusting audience who are more likely to buy from you. By utilising the media you will start seeing more and more visitors to your website. In addition, we create very special marketing and info videos for you that also get viewed through the media and listed on Google and YouTube from time to time. All this tends to happen fast and get’s you the exposure you need.

When we utilise the media through the press we accomplish three very important things for you as our client and those three things will get you:

    1. Trusted press exposure that’s distributed around the world for your potential clients to read and watch. Due to the nature of the media you will find that your potential clients will trust what they see and read more than if they were reading it from your own website. This is due to the nature of news and the media.
    2. Videos about your products and services appearing on media websites 
      including some news sites from time to time. These videos we create for you can often appear on Google and YouTube which attracts more of your potential clients.
    3. Because we include links to your website and the videos we create for you there will be a very strong boost to your Google front page rankings for your website and the videos we create which delivers even more visitors to your website.

In some occasions you might be contacted by a reporter who wants to do a story on you and your company. Reporters do not charge you anything for this… It’s free and if featured on the TV, news or radio it can be worth millions of dollars in revenue. Imagine the exposure you can accomplish from utilising this strategy. The best part is, hardly anyone is doing this meaning you may be the only one in your line of business who will benefit from using this strategy.

Imagine being featured in a newspaper, magazine or on the radio or even TV… What could this do for your business? Does this happen? It’s important to note that although this does happen, being contacted by a reporter who wants to do a story on you and your business is not a guaranteed strategy, rather the icing on the cake so to speak as it does happen from time to time.

If You Want To Be Different From Your Competitors
You Need To Do Something Different… True?

Many business owners tell me they want to be different from their competitors however when I present different things (usually focused around emotional direct response) they hesitate. Utilising the media and the press is another principle that may seem different yet very effective. In truth it is not really all that different, rather it’s not widely used and this may be due to the investment required.

Investing in strategies to market your products and services through the media and press can be a little more than investing in Facebook or Google however the rewards can be amazing to say the least.

If You Think That Investing In The Media Might Be For You Consider This

Let’s first talk and determine what angles we can best utilise to spark interest by the media. Creating multiple different angles will see us maximise the opportunity and generate much more exposure for you so the more information you give us and the more we dig deeper the better results we can deliver.

Unlike advertisements, when you are featured in the media you gain a much higher status of trust. This is due to the nature of news or reading about something in a featured article or press release. As it’s not a blatant advertisement, rather information featured by a reporter it carries a greater value to the reader or listener.

How Long Can This Take
To Deliver Results?

Although we have seen very fast results in just a few days we always like to look at things from a more realistic point hence we let our clients know that it’s a three month plan before moving forward that typically starts to cement strong results. Like any great strategy it’s the longevity of implementing that will see consistent results. The longer you utilise the media, the more people keep hearing about you and the more business you receive.

Another thing we can do that is very different from our competitors but works extremely well is we like to ask you numerous questions about your clients wants, needs and dislikes… This way we learn more and dig much deeper so we understand your potential client’s pain points and what they are going through. We then figure out a number of different points to include in your online marketing messages.

For Example: Let’s use two different offers… So we create offer A and we then create a second different offer being offer B. If we might even test these two offers on Google Ads. In this example we would send around one hundred or more visitors to each offer online and we let the market place tell us what offer delivers the best results. This completely eliminates any guess work and we then make decisions based on real numbers. We often rinse and repeat this process over time three, four or even more times to realty narrow down the offers so we know without any doubt what offer delivered the best results. After this we then scale up the successful offers and you profit more.

As you might imagine there is a substantial more amount of work that goes into such a campaign so investing more into a proper campaign like this may not be for everyone. However, if you feel you would like to learn more and explore with us how we might be able to greatly improve your advertising and marketing campaigns by utilising the media then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Reach out to us today on 1300 884 571 and let us show you what we can do to help you achieve more by utilising the media to attract new clients to your business.

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