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Here We Will Expose What You Need to Know Before Starting Your TV Advertising – Then How to Double Your Profits on The Same TV Time Slots Without Spending A Single Cent More.

Starting a campaign on TV is a great idea however there are some principles you need in place first which will simply mean much higher profits for you… Having said that you might be eager to hear an impressive solution that seems like a complex answer however the answer is very simple and easy to implement so let’s get started…

Before one starts a TV campaign utilising our services we insist that there must be a marketing message that has already proven to deliver results. This message might have been through Radio, Facebook, Google Ads or even local papers but it must be a proven strategy that delivers new clients to you.

Should you not already possess a proven marketing message then it will always be less expensive to start here first as follows…

When we market we essentially promote a “Marketing Message or Offer” of our products or services to our potential clients. When we advertise we use an advertising medium like the radio, TV, Google, Facebook etcetera to advertising that marketing message.

When a marketing message fails it’s not the advertising mediums fault, it’s our fault for sending a message that quite simply sucks! So how do we know what is a good marketing message to send out to our potential clients so they will want to buy from us? As the business owner this is the question you should be asking. Before I answer this let me give you an example of a before and after marketing message experience from one of our clients and then I’ll explain why one worked much better than the other.

Here is before and after for a legal firm we worked with.

Marketing message 1 was originally advertised by the business owners in newspapers, Google Ads, In their SEO results, on the Radio and through their morning BNI group meetings for over 4 years. Due to the lack of statistical data we could only assume this was how they were obtaining their clients. The problem they were facing was that they hit a plateau in their business where it was solid but they wanted to grow to a much larger firm.

When they came to us we implemented a number of different marketing messages on the exact same platforms. As always there were some messages that worked much better than others. In the image above you can see one of the messages that worked very well.

Some legal firms have adopted the “No Win No Fee” strategy however there are always hidden costs. If things do not work out the legal firm in this case would have to pay those fees. The proviso was the layer would first have to pre-qualify the potential client. If they did not qualify then the legal firm did not work with that client.

After implementing a filtering questionnaire they weeded out those who were going to be an impossible win and those who had real potential which ultimately grew their business by 14% in just three months. Remember they had not grown at all in the past 4 years prior.

Before implementing compelling marketing messages they were struggling to grow. We continued to implement compelling and attractive offers and as their business grew so did their belief in themselves as a growing business.

OK SO… The Question Now Is…
How Do We Use This In TV Advertising?

First you as the business owner must commit to the fact that you truly want to be different from all your competitors and that you are genuinely open to doing different things in your marketing… This can be a little scary at first because there are two basic types of marketing, you have Mild or you have Wild… I am not much for mild because that is what all your competitors are doing and we want to be different right. Once we believe you as our client are committed to taking this step we move onto the first part of the system.

We first talk with you and ask numerous questions to learn more and dig much deeper to understand your potential clients pain points and what they are going through. We then figure out a number of different points to include on marketing message A and we then create a second different message being marketing message B. If we initially test this on Google Ads for example we then send around one hundred or more visitors to each page and we let the market place tell us what marketing message delivers the best results. This completely eliminates any guess work and we then make decisions based on real numbers. We often rinse and repeat this process over time three, four or even more times to realty narrow down the marketing message so we know without any doubt what message delivered the best results. After this we then scale up the successful message, implement it into television commercials and you profit handsomely.

As you might imagine there is a substantial more amount of work that goes into such a campaign so investing more into a proper campaign like this may not be for everyone. However, if you feel you would like to learn more and explore with us how we might be able to greatly improve your advertising and marketing campaigns then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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