No More Paying Marketing Agencies Who Don’t Deliver Leads… You Get HIGH QUALITYLeads From Us Or It’s No Deal!

More Clients Fast specialise in ‘cost per lead’ digital marketing. Forget expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon who expect a long term retainer and contract but sadly under perform.

We sell leads that your sales team will love, that also provide you with an instant ROI. All you have to do is get in touch on:

1300 884 571

If you own a business that is B to C and are already established here is a no-risk offer from us at More Clients Fast.

Would You Be Excited to Receive 100 Guaranteed
Inquiries Every Single Day?

As a Digital Lead Generation Agency Specialising In the delivery of very high quality Leads We Do This For Our Clients Every Single Day.

 Good quality leads are the life-blood of any company and, we can generate these for you.

  • Over the past 7 years, my team and I have developed tailored techniques and tools which consistently allow us to produce amazing results.
  • This process has been tried and tested with many different products and through hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing,
  • This is how we can GUARANTEE the quality of our leads.


And, the best part there are NO upfront creative costs, NO upfront production costs and NO upfront setup fees, – this is an incredible saving of over $10,900 alone!

And, to make this even better,
you don’t have to pay a monthly management fee!

This means we can offer you a risk-free trial to our quality lead pulling power.

Are there any catches?           

There are two:

1)   We specialise in Business to Consumer lead generation – We don’t do B2B (there are some rare exceptions).

2)   If you decide to work with us you must be capable of managing at least 100 new leads per week.

How Can We Guarantee Results?
We’re able to guarantee high quality leads because of our total approach to digital direct response. We have developed systems which are quite unique to us that deliver unusually powerful results which is why we keep it to ourselves. Here are the key points though:

1)    The Salesmanship of Our Advertising.
Our whole creative approach is built on this fundamental premise. Every word, every picture in our advertisements must justify itself in sales. Of course, most digital marketing agencies would agree with the idea that advertising must sell BUT they would shrink from the thought of guaranteeing their work like we do.

2)    How We Have Built on a Strong Product.
Great advertising starts with a first-class product. Remember, Once we take on a client with such a product, we research it for weeks. We take it apart and examine it from all angles. We do extensive research to find out who your prospective customers are. Then we explore what your competitors are doing – until we’ve found your unique consumer advantage. Once we have this, we build the entire campaign around it, to demonstrate logically, factually and dramatically, why yours is the best product to fill your specific customer’s needs. We’ve verified time and again in sales results that a strong product and good advertising are a combination almost impossible to beat.

3)    Top Creative Teams.
We hire the best Creative Teams we can find. Our creatives are the most passionate and hard-working in the industry. This includes creative directors, copywriters and graphic designers.

4)  A Principle on Your Account.
During and after the initial test period, an agency principal will supervise all work on your account and have day-to-day responsibility for anything done for you. You gain the experience of – and have immediate access to – one of our key people at all times.

5)  Bringing It All Together.
Bring this all together has to be and is a commitment to digital marketing that makes work a joy at More Clients Fast. You’ll often find our teams working after 7, 8 and 9 o’clock, night after night, brainstorming and beating all other competitor’s controls. This creative excitement is exhilarating. More Clients Fast is the Digital Direct Response Agency the cream wants to work at.

How Have Our Clients Done?

We wish to say that we hit a homerun every time, but of course we can’t. Having said that our clients have done really well…

For example:

  • The Renting white goods and furniture company: “Unlike any other company they have ever worked with delivered leads. Many of the leads converted into sales not only straight away, some also down the track. Making $12 to every $1 invested.


  • The Debt Management Company: During the first year we have generated over 27,957 leads. This has been a difficult campaign, but through grit, hard work and determination we have now generated an ROI of $9 to every $1 spent.


  • The Broadband Company: Competing in a mature, well-advertised industry against some multi-million-dollar marketing budgets would seem to be a fool’s errand. But, we are tenacious, and we are making significant headway in generating leads for this company. Our advertising is on target to generate over a 1000 leads a month.

And these are just a few of our clients…

What Our Clients say about us…

“At first I didn’t believe there were no monthly contracts or money down like all the other marketing companies while I wait for the phone to start ringing… It’s a payment and you get leads, no BS excuses, just good leads” –

If you would like to speak to one of our existing clients, I would be more than happy to put you in touch with them.

What Should You Do If You’re Interested?

 If you are interested in us and our unique offer, call or email for more information.

…No sales pitch either… Just an opportunity to learn more about what you and we do. If you don’t want to work with us you won’t hurt our feelings. But, if you do want to work with us, we can show how many leads to expect. The best part about our “guaranteed results” offer is that you don’t risk a penny. So let’s have a chat and see what we can do.

To take us up on our offer, or to find out more, email or call (Your inquiry will be kept in confidence)


To your success,

Mark Anthony



Founder More Clients Fast Pty Ltd
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