Using Your Mobile Phone To Create Awesome Videos

When looking for a lapel microphone to use with your mobile phone I recommend this one… The Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone. THis mic is high quality and even though you can buy cheap microphones for about twenty dollars I’ve found this one delivers much better quality in sound and out lasts the others considerably. 

Lighting is just as important as sound. If the lighting is dark your video will suck big time. Now you can rush out and spend six or seven hundred dollars on professional lighting with brand names but what I do is use ebay to buy really good lighting for a fraction of the price. I simply type the words softbox lights into ebay and buy something for around $100 give or take. Make sure you choose one that has a fitment for Australian electricity and that’s it.

NOTE: You will need to buy a pair so be sure there is two soft box lights in your order. Make sure the electrical fittinig is for Australian plugs and you’re done.

I originally purchased my soft box lights in 2012 and they still work perfectly today. 

Again I use ebay because you can find some really good deals there… When it comes to stability it’s important you use a tripod. No one likes watching a video that moves, shakes and jumbles all over the place. Some people even become nauseous from watching videos like this which means they won’t watch your video for very long.

So to find a tripod on ebay I type these words into their search bar… mobile phone tripod. There are dozens to choose from and you really don’t need anything expensive. The last few videos I made were done on my mobile phone and a cheap tripod that cost me just over $8 from ebay including delivery. 

Do not use a selfie stick of anything that will let your phone move unless its a professional stabiliser which will cost you a pretty penny.

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