Hi, I wanted to give you a short, sharp, actionable tip.  Something you can “take straight to the bank”.

So here it is…

If you do any type of email broadcasts, such as email newsletters, this tip can literally DOUBLE your results.

I used to send out email newsletters to my list every so often, and got good results.  But then I discovered how to dramatically boost response by up to 100%.

Here’s the thing:

Most people are busy. Most people get 100 or more emails a day. And if your email subject line doesn’t immediately grab your prospects’ attention, it’s all too easy for your email recipients to hit the “Archive” button, or the “Delete” button.

That doesn’t mean they’re not interested.  It just means your timing wasn’t right.

These days, an email “open rate” of 10 to 15 percent is considered good. Not amazing, but not bad either. In other words, up to 90% of your prospects aren’t reading your emails. So instead of losing up to 90% of your audience when you send an email broadcast, here’s what to do instead.

You send THREE versions of each email.

Step 1: Send “Email 1” with “Subject Line 1” to your list.

Step 2: Remove everyone who opened “Email 1”, and resend with “Subject Line 2” in a couple of days.

Step 3: Remove everyone who opened “Email 1” or “Email 2”, and resend with “Subject Line 3” in a couple more days.

(Email systems such as Aweber and Infusionsoft can easily handle the list selection).

By using this process, you’re not bombarding people who did open your messages, but you are giving those who didn’t respond a second and third chance.

And for every 100 emails you send, here’s roughly what you can expect:

Email 1: 15 opens
Email 2: 10 opens
Email 3: 5 opens

Total: 30% open rate, instead of 15%.

If you do this, you’ll double the response from your email list, without spending any more money on traffic generation, and without having to wait until you grow your email list…

That’s all for now,

Mark Anthony