Here’s How To Make Facebook Ads Attract Real Customers

The biggest challenge we have with businesses who have tried working with Facebook ads is they often say: “Oh we tried Facebook and it doesn’t work”. This is like saying: “I tried getting fit but hiring a personal trainer doesn’t work for me”. It’s not that it doesn’t work, you just hired the wrong people and that’s all it is.

Do Facebook Adverts Really Work? YES They DO!!! And here’s how.

You simply need to work your campaigns differently to everyone else and here’s how we do that.

What we do is different in many ways… We utilise A/B split testing of different landing pages to reveal what your potential clients are attracted to. You see, there is really no point in starting a Facebook Ads campaign and sending that traffic (potential clients) to your website because you are sending all the traffic to the same pages over and over again without knowing what their responses are to your content.

We Don’t Do That

The way we work is quite different in that we first talk with you and ask numerous questions to learn more and dig much deeper to understand your potential clients pain points and what they are going through. We then figure out a number of different points to include on Page A and Page B. We then send around one hundred or more visitors to each page and we let the market place tell us what page delivers the best results. This completely eliminates any guess work and we then make decisions based on real numbers. We often rinse and repeat this process over time three, four or even more times to really narrow down the content, images and even videos that deliver the best results.

When it comes to the actual Facebook ads campaign we again test a multitude of different images and headlines. Facebook ads is very much unlike Google advertising in that it needs to have a monthly and yearly rotation of images and offers… This is due to the fact that when your potential clients see the same image or video over and over they become anesthetised to it and ignore the ads hence the rotations.

As you might imagine there is a substantial more amount of work that goes into such a campaign so investing more into a proper campaign like this may not be for everyone. However, if you feel you would like to learn more and explore with us how we might be able to greatly improve your Facebook Ads campaign then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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