9 Types of Backlinks

Here Are 9 Types of Backlinks The Good, The Bad, and the Ultra GoodAs a business owner, it’s important you understand that acquiring backlinks to your website is an essential part of an effective SEO plan. Links tell the search engines (like Google) that a...

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Utilising The Media Through The Press

Utilising The Media Through The Press To Bring You More Customers While everyone else is trying to sell you on Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, SEO, radio, TV and whatever else you can think of we sit quietly in the background doing something very...

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How To DOUBLE Your Email Marketing Results

Hi, I wanted to give you a short, sharp, actionable tip.  Something you can “take straight to the bank”. So here it is… If you do any type of email broadcasts, such as email newsletters, this tip can literally DOUBLE your results. I used to send out email newsletters...

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50 Ways to Get More Clients

Clients have paid me small fortunes to implement these 50 client attraction principles into their business over the past 14 years but today I am going to give them to you for FREE. These 50 principles have NEVER failed, they work 100% of the time and they...

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