Target Markets and Marketing Approach

The team at More Clients Fast and konnect20 will be targeting leads that are business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and business advisors. The aim is to bring as many of these audiences as possible into the free membership program where Ari’s team can then upsell them into the various services.
We can achieve this by developing our own marketing strategies and specific assets to indoctrinate prospects into the free membership.

Important Note: Since we are sending people to a free membership the potential for ‘time wasters’ can be minimised by appropriately designing the right messages on all the assets we create at the front end.

Furthermore, please grant us access to your developer who manages your Infusionsoft so we can alter, test, and measure different versions of your web form in our own assets. This will allow us to know the exact numbers we produce and what works best.

Total month 1 investment: $2,640 (Inclides GST) for 75 Leads

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More Clients Fast
Acc: 750321065
BSB: 082-367

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STOP paying for advertising... We eliminate any advertising spend for our clients and help you as the business owner by delivering real leads who are looking for the products and services you provide. We do NOT get you to spend money on SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, TV, Radio or anything…. You pay for quality leads and that is what we deliver… Nothing more and nothing less.… And we do this through our 100 leads per week Pay Per Lead Agency.