"The 8 Principles Of A Highly Successful Website Are"

There are definitive principles to success in business and websites are no different. As one who has the "midas touch" when it comes to attracting new customers I've tried and tested thousands of different principles over the years and I’ve listed just seven of the most important characteristics of owning a highly profitable website below. So, if you’re looking to invest in a new website or update your current website upgraded built by a website developer or to turn your current website into a profitable website you'll benefit from utilising these principles... Enjoy.

1. Principle One -Website Structure:
Think for a moment and imagine your website is like a building, if the foundations aren’t right it will eventually fall. Online this means you may have a beautiful looking website with all the fancy bells and whistles but no one will know where to find it because Google and other search engines don’t see your website as a place to send their searchers. In order to own a well-structured website it is wise to invest in a website developer who has a comprehensive understanding of Search Engine Optimisation in order to deliver a website with solid search engine foundations. If your plans are to one day invest in Google adwords or Search Engine Optimisation then it is wise to set your website up correctly first otherwise you could be staring down the path of an expensive re-build... It's much less expensive to get it done right from the word go. To set your website up with correct search engine foundations is not all that more expensive hense doing it right from the start just makes sense.

2. Principle Two – Conversion:
What you and I think looks good on our website doesn’t really matter… what matters is what people do when they are visiting your website. Are they calling your phone number from your website and buying your product or are they hitting the back button and visiting your competitors websites and buying from them? Put plainly, conversion means simply this… Should you have 100 website visitors and 3 of them called your phone number, you just achieved a 3% conversion rate. By implementing honest, time tested and proven conversion principles it’s common to increase your websites conversion rate by at least 100% to begin with meaning potentially you just doubled your cash flow from your website without spending a single cent more on advertising.

3. Principle Three – Interaction & User Friendliness:
Do you deliver a good reason for people to interact on your website? Things like helpful videos or tips that may help build understanding, belief, trust and confidence in a potential customer. Furthermore, is your website user-friendly and easy to navigate? If a potential customer finds it difficult to find what they are looking for on your website you might as well kiss that customer goodbye. Don’t assume that things are easy to find on your website. Things are easy to find for you because you know where everything is. Try asking ten of your friends to go to your website and locate a specific item as if they were shopping on your website and ask them to be brutally honest and as hard on you as they need to be. You may be surprised and not like their answers however it may be precisley what you want to hear.

4. Principle Four – The Trust Factor:
Do people trust you or does your website leave people feeling unsure? A sure way to start to develop trust is to be transparent. Do not hide behind your website. It's important you make your phone number is easy to find and easy to see. Additionally, be sure your address is clearly shown and easy to find on your contact page. Avoid using PO Box addresses is they do not help build trust. Ad your profile to your website where people can look up more about you.

If you are a landscaper, avoid saying things like: "we are a landscaping company committed to customer focus and best results." Be a little more transparent by having a photo of you on your website (include your team if you have one) and engage on a more personal level. You might say something like: "John smith has loved gardening since a very young age and now in his landscaping company developes some of the most beautiful gardens in the state of Queensland. With a love for developing the most beautifuly stunning gardens anywhere in Queensland John has carefully hand picked his team of equally passionate gardening professionals who love creating magical masterpieces. Here are just some of the garden masterpieces John and his team have created... Have a video to watch.

Tip: In your profile include a picture of you. Include a link to your linked-in profile, facebook and youtube channel. When people can easily see a face behind the website along with evidense you are that person they can more easily start to believe and trust more. If you don’t try to hide behind your website (like so many others do) you may stand out from your competition.

The biggest trust builder of all is the implimentation of video testimonials. The more video testimonials you obtai from your clients and upload to your website the better. Let's face it, we tend not to believe the business who is selling us a product or service but when we here the success their customers achieved by using their product or service it's so much more convincing. There are additional principles that must be implemented in testimonial videos yet this is a good starting point.

5. Principle Five – Call To Action:
Does your website include a “Call To Action”? Example: Call 8888 8888 to receive your bonus widget valued at $197, Available till the end of May. By giving people a good reason to call your phone number or give you their name and email address will increase your conversion rate on both your phone calls and web form opt ins. It would be very wise to test and measure different offers/calls to action to see which ones convert the best.

On the point of your phone number, don’t make people search for it, include your phone number at the very tip of your website, BIG AND BOLD. Have it on your contact us page also but don’t make people search, click or scroll to find it or you WILL loose potential customers. Statistics now prove that when you make someone search for your phone number you lose anywhere between 3% to 7% of your website visitors... If you are spending money on advertising to get people to your website you don't want to lose 1% let alone 7% right?

Remember you literally only have between 1 and 7 seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention once they land on your website. After that point, if you’ve not delivered what they are looking for you may lose them forever.

6. Principle Six – Build a List to increase conversions further and the net worth of your business:
Are you building a list through a fully automated opt-in system? If you are not you are leaving money on the table for your competitors. By utilising a list you are building a warm lead database of potential paying customers. A business with a sound database is worth a lot more money due to the fact that it can, with the flick of one button send out emails to a database that bring in sales. By the way… if you send out 1 or 10,000 emails ten times a month it costs you just a few dollars at the most when using a proper emailing system like Aweber, mail chimp or icontact to name a few. Try contacting even 100 people without spending over one hundred dollars through traditional methods and evaluate the cost and I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate email marketing in a big way.

7. Principle Number Seven – Risk Reversal:
Are you offering a guarantee that grabs the attention and interest of your potential customers more than your competitors do? Think about it… if you want to purchase a product or service and it came with a rock solid guarantee but their competitors product did not, which one would you buy? Take some time to create a very well thought out guarantee and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

8. Mobile Responsive Websites - Are They Worth The Hype? Watch the video to get my view:

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