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Here’s some important points to think about if you're looking to upgrade or start a new website… If you’re looking to have a website built for your business that does the selling for you and makes your phone to ring then regardless of the web developer you choose you need to implement the following points.

Let me explain… There are two, and only two, types of websites... One is an attractive website with all the fancy bells and whistles but with no conversion principles. The other is still an attractive website yet it utilises multiple trust and conversion principles that generates phone calls and creates cash flow. What I mean by this is a good looking website that is not utilising trust and conversion principles that compels the viewer to want to pick up the phone and call you or buy from you is simply not a website that is profitable.

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Website DesignerI've asked people when speaking at seminars and events this one question and I am often shocked at the replies I receive... The question is "Why do we as business owners want a website?" You should know that the purpose in owning a website for your business should not be because your competitors have one or because it's the thing to do etc... The number one reason we should want a website is to do the hard selling for you and to generate a consistent flow of new paying clients, nothing else!

A website is nothing more than a tool to ultimately compel it's visitors to take an action but if the website is built the way most business owners want them to be built they will be stuck with yet another attractive website that is not going to bring in nearly enough new clients. Most business and company owners and website developers have no clue how to market and differentiate themselves on a website because they are not marketer's. The wise business owner will seek to invest in a marketing specialist to construct a website based on your needs. 

So, are website designers the right people to hire to build you a website?  

Interesting question... let's see...

A website developer is typically someone who has a degree or knowledge of graphic design, html and programming. Most web designers have logo design skills but I bet my bottom dollar not one of them has any runs on the board when it comes to marketing and advertising based on 'Direct Response' results. When I say runs on the board and results I mean real life websites they have built that make their clients phones ring.

Remember the reason you are having a website created... It's to make money!Web Design

And you know what the killer is... Whichever website you choose, attractive with all the bells and whistles or a profitable direct response website, the price should not be the single deciding factor. There are many developers out there that will do a wonderful job at creating something that looks stunning, beautiful and amazing and they are honest developers but will that website make your phone ring?

Just because a web developer can give you all the fancy ‘bells and whistles’ it may lack the fundamental direct response foundations that delivers new paying customers to your business. So are you starting to see that knowing how to choose the right web developer is paramount to the success of your business?

What’s the lesson here? Don’t buy a coffee shop (website) that looks spectacular yet can’t produce cash flow for your business. The question to ask yourself is "Do I want a website that makes me money, or an attractive website that visually looks amazing yet lacks the direct response principles to deliver new paying customers?"

Here’s the solution, no matter which company you choose to build your website, you are going to want it designed to compel your potential customers to want to do business with you. Be sure the developer is someone that will be open to showing you examples of websites where when you see them you feel compelled to take an action such as to call a phone number or buy a product.

For genuine advice with a guaranteed zero sales-pitch, drop me a line for a friendly chat on 1300 884 571. I promise to give you candid advice – in fact, it will be my absolute pleasure to help you and even get you started with a website should you feel comfortable working with me.

Whether you have your website built by us or someone else, I’m sure you will agree that the main purpose for a website is to bring you more customers. If it’s not making you money, what’s the point of spending money to have a website built? CLICK HERE to see the 8 principles of a Highly Profitable website >>


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By Mark Anthony